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(2018) Promising antileishmanial activity of novel imidazole antifungal drug Luliconazole against Leishmania major: in vitro and in silico studies. Psychometrics properties of the Iranian version of fertility quality of life tool: A cross-sectional study. Int J Reprod Biomed (Yazd)..

(2016) Vaginal misoprostol versus intravenous oxytocin for the management of second-trimester pregnancies with intrauterine fetal death: A randomized clinical trial. Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research.

(2013) Misoprostol versus High Dose Oxytocin and Laminaria in Termination of Pregnancy in Second Trimester Pregnancies. Electronic physician.

(2021) The effect of sexual health education on sexual activity, sexual quality of life, and sexual violence in pregnancy: a prospective randomized controlled trial. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth.

(2018) Related Factors of Domestic Violence: A Population-Based Research on Iranian Women. International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction Sciences.

(2013) Comparison of single and multiple-dose methotrexate therapy for ectopic pregnancy: a clinical trail. Life Science Journal.

(2013) Comparison of C-Reactive Protein Concentrations of Patients with Preeclampsia and Normal Pregnancies. Life Science Journal.

(2021) بررسی ارتباط رضایت از مراقبت های بارداری و حین زایمان با فرآیند فرزندآوری مجدد. Under Construction.


(2015) A review on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) methods. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.

(2018) Evaluation of the cesarean section rate and its reasons in shariati hospital of bandar abbas in 2015. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health.

(2018) Prevalence rate of hepatitis B virus in pregnancy: Implications from a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies published from 2000 to 2016. Hepatitis Monthly.


(2020) Explaining the Needs of Reproductive Health Literacy in Pre- Marriage Couples: A Qualitative Study. International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research.

(2021) نگرش زنان و مردان شهر بندرعباس نسبت به فرزندآوری. Under Construction.

(2017) Investigation on some maternal factors affecting the birth of preterm infants: a case – control study. Feyz, Journal of Kashan University of Medical Sciences, February, 2017; Vol. 20, No 6,.

(1394) بررسی انتخاب روش زایمان زنان باردار نخست زای شهر بندرعباس بر اساس سازه های الگوی اعتقاد بهداشتی. completed.

(2017) Comparison of Health Belief Model Constructs Based on Birth Type among Primiparous Pregnant Women in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Journal of Education and Community Health.

(2017) Causes of Maternal Mortality in Iran: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Pediatrics.

(2017) Pregnant Women's Health Literacy in the South of Iran. J Family Reprod Health.

(2018) Exploring First-time Pregnant Women's Motivations for Planning Vaginal Delivery: A Qualitative Study. Iran J Nurs Midwifery Res.

(2019) B Butterfly Campaign: A social marketing campaign to promote normal childbirth among first-time pregnant women. Women and birth : journal of the Australian College of Midwives.


(2019) Investigation on the relationship between the lifestyle of pregnant women and the birth of premature infants and related risk factors: A case-control study. Iranian Journal of Epidemiology.


(2021) Poor oral health-related quality of life among pregnant women: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Int J Dent Hyg.

(2019) Therapeutic approaches for neonatal abstinence syndrome: a systematic review of randomized clinical trials. Daru : journal of Faculty of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences.


(2016) The effect of an instructional program based on health belief model in decreasing cesarean rate among primiparous pregnant mothers. Journal of Education and Health Promotion.

(2016) Female Obesity and Clinical Outcomes of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): an Updated Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. t J Med Res Health Sci.

(2019) Maternal anemia in various trimesters and related pregnancy outcomes: Results from a large cohort study in Iran. Iran J Pediatr..

(2019) Influence of forkhead box protein 3 polymorphisms (rs2232365, rs3761548) with the outcome of pregnancy: A meta-analysis. J Cell Physiol.

(2020) The effect of letrozole versus artificial hormonal endometrial preparation on pregnancy outcome after frozen-thawed embryos transfer cycles: a randomized clinical trial. Reprod Biol Endocrinol.


(2020) Effects of metformin and insulin therapy regimens on postpartum oral glucose tolerance test results in pregnant women with gestational diabetes mellitus: a comparative study. Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation.

(2011) Insulin resistance and interleukin-1β during normal pregnancy. Asian Journal of Biochemistry.

(2012) Seroepidemiology and risk factors of Toxoplasmosis in the first trimester among pregnant women. International Electronic Journal of Medicine.


(2020) بررسی ارتباط گروه غذاهای دریایی با فشار خون بارداری (مطالعه کوهورت بندر کنگ ). Under Construction.

(2019) Prevalence and Risk Factors of Toxoplasma gondii Infection among Pregnant Women in Hormozgan Province, South of Iran. IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PARASITOLOGY.


(2021) The effect of Myo-inositol on fertility rates in poor ovarian responder in women undergoing assisted reproductive technique: a randomized clinical trial. Reprod Biol Endocrinol.

(2014) Does Postevacuation β -Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Level Predict the Persistent Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia? ISRN obstetrics and gynecology.


(2019) Effectiveness of positive psychotherapy on mental health of pregnant women. Psychology and Education.

(2017) Prevalence of domestic violence on pregnant women and maternal and neonatal outcomes in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Electronic Physician.

(2017) Prevalence of domestic violence on pregnant women and maternal and neonatal outcomes in Bandar Abbas, Iran. Electronic Physician.

(2020) Diagnostic accuracy of sFlt1/PlGF ratio as a marker for preeclampsia. BMC pregnancy and childbirth.


(2014) Prevalence and determinants of unwanted pregnancy in south of Iran, BandarAbbas. Life Science Journal.


(2017) Pregnancy Outcome of Abnormal Nuchal Translucency: A Systematic Review. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2017 Mar, Vol-11(3): QC12-QC16.

(2014) Safety and Efficacy of Misoprostol versus Oxytocin for the Prevention of Postpartum Hemorrhage. Journal of Pregnancy.

(2014) Determining the Frequency and Causes of Maternal Mortality in Hormozgan Province, Iran during 2005-2011. The Iranian Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility.

(2020) مروری بر وضعیت بهداشت باروری و جنسی در کودکان خیابان. Under Construction.

(2017) Potential role of Factor V Leiden mutation in adverse pregnancy outcomes: An updated systematic review. Biomed Res Ther.

(2019) Pregnancy Outcome of Pre-Diabetic Women in the South of Iran: Brief Report. Hormozgan Medical Journal.

(2016) Barriers related to prenatal care utilization among women. Saudi Med J 2016; Vol. 37 (12).


(2015) The reproductive behavior of families with thalassemic children in Hormozgan. Journal of Reproduction and Infertility.

(2019) The Prevalence of Rectovaginal Colonization and Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern of Streptococcus agalactiae in Pregnant Women in Al-Zahra Hospital, Rasht, Iran. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice.

(2018) Postpartum Depression and Its Associated Factors among Women in Bandar Abbas City. Int Electron J Med.

(2021) Impact of Assisted Reproductive Technology on Embryonic Health Screening Tests: A Case-Control Study. Hormozgan Medical Journal.


(2017) The relationship of digestive system diseases in pregnant women with stillbirth and neonatal death in Iran: A population-based case-control study. Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health.


(2016) Serum level of kisspeptin in pregnant women with preeclampsia. Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia.


(1395) بررسی روند رو به رشد سزارین در ایران و جهان: مقاله مروری‎. مجله زنان،مامایی و نازایی ایران.


[error in script] (2019) تعیین عوامل مرتبط با پیامدهای نامطلوب بارداری در جنین های IUGR دارای سونوی داپلرغیر طبیعی در بیمارستان خلیج فارس بندرعباس از 1/7/96 – 1/7/97. پایان نامه مقطع Doctoral.

(2020) تولید نرم افزار نسخه نویسی دارویی درزنان و مامایی. completed.


(2020) بررسی اثر داروی Resveratrol بر بیان برخی از ژن‌های دخیل در فرایند آپوپتوز سلول‌های گرانولوزا در سندرم تخمدان پلی کیستیک و ارتباط آن با پیامدهای باروری آزمایشگاهی. Under Construction.

(2020) بررسی سطح سرمی CCN3 در بیماران مبتلا به PCOS در مقایسه با افراد سالم و ارتباط آن با خطر سقط جنین. Under Construction.

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