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(2017) A review and investigation of the effect of nanophotocatalytic ozonation process for phenolic compound removal from real effluent of pulp and paper industry. Environmental science and pollution research international.

(2017) تخریب با بازده بالای سفیکسیم با استفاده از فرآیند فوتوکاتالیستی UV/TiO2: یک مقایسه بین فوتوکاتالیز و فوتولیز. Hormozgan Medical Journal.

(2017) Due to teem and low cost ocher red soil in Hormoz Island (south of Iran), this study was conducted to investigate the efficiency of red soil on adsorption of cadmium from aqueous solutions. a series of steps for adsorption of cadmium on ocher were conducted which included the ocher selection/preparation, determination of chemical and physical characteristics of adsorbent, preparation of cadmium stokes, determine the equilibrium time, the effect of cadmium concentration, adsorbent dose, the effect of environmental factors (pH and temperature), and determine the adsorption kinetic and isotherm. raw ocher had better adsorption efficiency than processed type (74.33% vs. 35%), the main component of adsorbent was Fe2O3 (59.58%). The optimum conditions as dose, pH and temperature which respectively were as (20 g/L; 10; and 35 oC), the adsorption reach to 96%. The study of isotherm and kinetics showed that Cd adsorption on raw Ocher is more fitted to Freundlich isotherm and pseudo second order models. natural ocher of the island of Hormoz would be appropriate to remove the heavy metal, as no need to processing it is economical to use. As temperature has positive effect on Cd adsorption on ocher, this adsorbent can act more effective in hot climate. Journal of Global Pharma Technology.

(2016) Consumer Perception and Preference of Drinking Water Sources. Electronic physician.

(2016) کیفیت باکتریولوژیک سالادهای آماده مصرف در رستورانهای شهر بندرعباس. Journal of Preventive Medicine.

(2016) وضعیت مدیریت بهداشت محیط و ایمنی در شناورهای دریایی مسیر قشم- بندرعباس. Journal of Preventive Medicine.

(2016) جذب مواد آلی طبیعی از محلول های آبی با استفاده از کربن فعال پودری. Hormozgan Medical Journal.

(2015) بررسی آلودگی میکروبی دستگاه‌های برش کالباس در فروشگاه‌های مواد غذایی شهر بندرعباس. Journal of Preventive Medicine.

(2014) مدیریت استفاده و بهره‌برداری آب حاصل از چگالش رطوبت هوا در کولر گازی‌های شهر بندرعباس. Hormozgan Medical Journal.

(2014) بررسی کیفیت و تصفیه‌پذیری فاضلاب بازار ماهی‌فروشان بندرعباس با استفاده از فرآیند انعقاد – لخته‌سازی. Hormozgan Medical Journal.

(2007) Feasibility and Applicability of Solar Disinfection (SODIS) for Point-of-use Water Treatment in Bandar Abbas, South of Iran. Journal of Global Pharma Technology.

(1395) Determining the Salt Tolerance Threshold for Biological Treatment of Salty Wastewater. Health Scope.

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