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Association between Polymorphisms of FTO Gene and Obesity

(2016) Association between Polymorphisms of FTO Gene and Obesity. Molecular Medicine Journal.


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Obesity is an important metabolic disorders. Obesity has complications in most of human body organs. In the other hand, the Fat-mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO) polymorphisms may associate with obesity. Purpose of present study is evaluation of association between polymorphisms in FTO gene and obesity. This study comprised a narrative review on credible original articles. These articles were searched from PubMed, ScienceDirect and Google Scholar. Most researches were based on the existence of association between FTO gene polymorphisms with obesity but in the some results of studies about polymorphisms of this gene, it was obtained the conflicting results from the association of some polymorphisms with obesity. These points maybe are indicative racial differences in susceptibility to obesity between the different populations. According to the results, polymorphisms of FTO gene may associate with obesity, because several studies are based on the role of FTO gene polymorphisms in the susceptibility of obesity. In the following, it should be noted that genetically predisposed individuals who are susceptible to obesity need to special attention for combating obesity-related problems and promotion of their health.  

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Body weight, Body mass index, Obesity, Polymorphism, Fat-mass and obesity-associated gene
Subjects: nutritional Sciences
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Molecular Medicine Journal
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