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بررسی سطح سرمی عنصر روی زنان نخست زا، در سه ماهه سوم بارداری

(2010) بررسی سطح سرمی عنصر روی زنان نخست زا، در سه ماهه سوم بارداری. Hormozgan Medical Journal.


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Persian Abstract

یکی از مسایل مهم مرتبط با سلامت انسان تغذیه و ریز مغذی ها در گروه های آسیب پذیر به ویژه زنان باردار است بیش از یک قرن از زمانی که برای اولین بار مشخص شد که روی یک عنصر کم مقدار ضروری است، می گذرد.


Serum zinc level in third trimester of pregnant women


Zinc is one of the most important micronutrient with essential role in biochemical regulation of the body functions. The importance of zinc in pregnancy period was widely studied in various countries. Variation in zinc plasma levels during pregnancy needs more investigation, because maternal zinc deficiencies may cause some severe abnormalities in the fetus. In this study the plasma levels of zinc in pregnant women admitted in the hospital during the third trimester were determined and compared with normal values in nonpregnant women. Blood samples were collected from pregnant and non-pregnant cases (32 subjects in each group) and zinc levels were measured based on curve plotted by standard values (100, 200, 300 and 400 mg/l). Values under 75 μg/dl and 75 to 85 μg/dl were defined as severe and moderate. The results showed that mean plasma concentration of zinc among pregnants was 65.49±15.34 compare with that in non-pregnant women, which was significantly lower (P<0.05). Zinc deficiency in third trimester of gestation could be due to malnourishment or other conditions such as plasma expansion during pregnancy. Enhancing the daily uptake of zinc at the third trimester could be supportive.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Zinc ، Pregnant Women ، Pregnancy Trimester, Third ، Pregnancy
obstetrics and gynecology
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Hormozgan Medical Journal
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