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Teaching to Medical Students and Interns by Medical Residents in Bandar Abbas

(2018) Teaching to Medical Students and Interns by Medical Residents in Bandar Abbas. Journal of Development Strategies in Medical Education.


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Introduction: The educational system must train students based on their future needs In the area of work for the community. Education is one of the capabilities necessary for assistants. This study has been designed for Assessment of teaching to medical students and Interns by medical residents in Bandar Abbas. Methods: This cross-sectional study examined the education of 99 residents in different educational section of University of Medical Sciences , Bandar Abbas to medical students and interns. 125 medical students and interns were randomly selected in first 6 months in 2013.Researcher made questionnaires include demographic information and four attitude areas is to collect data. Data collected entered to the software Spss20 and by using the descriptive statistics, t-test, ANOVA and correlation were analyzed . Results: In 94 Completed questionnaires of 125 distributed questionnaires, average scores in Education theoretical knowledge and learning process was 435.9 and average scores in Capabilities and responsibilities was 109.4 and average scores in Learning environment was 134.1 and average scores in educational problems was 126.5. overall scores in 4 area was partly good and was given 60% of maximum possible score of each of the four areas Differences in educational problems and capabilities and responsibilities in various clinical groups was significant.. Conclusion: In this study capabilities and responsibilities had maximum concessions and majority of students and interns believe that training by residents to reduce the educational gap.It is suggested that developed guidelines or programs for learning practitioners and offered to residents.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Teaching, Residents, Medical Student.
Subjects: Medical Eucation
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