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The role of LPD-nanoparticles containing recombinant major surface glycoprotein of Leishmania (rgp63) in protection against leishmaniasis in murine model

(2018) The role of LPD-nanoparticles containing recombinant major surface glycoprotein of Leishmania (rgp63) in protection against leishmaniasis in murine model. Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology.

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Context: Leishmaniasis is a major public health problem. Despite numerous attempts, yet there is no effective vaccine against human leishmaniasis, mainly due to a lack of an effective vaccine delivery system as well as adjuvant. Objective(s): The aim of this study was to evaluate the ability of recombinant glycoprotein 63 (rgp63) as a model of Leishmania antigen, entrapped in liposome–polycation–DNA (LPD) complexes nanoparticles in inducing cell mediated immune (CMI) response and protecting against L. major in BALB/c mice. Materials and methods: To this end, the abundant leishmania promastigote cell surface glycoprotein, gp63, was entrapped in nano-sized LPD (CpG) particles, (LPD (CpG)-rgp63), and BALB/c mice were immunized three times with either (LPD (CpG)-rgp63) or rgp63-CpG DNA or LPD (CpG) or free rgp63 and dextrose 5. Various parameters including footpad thickness, splenic load of L. major parasites, rgp63-binding IgGs and also cytokine levels of rgp63-reactive T lymphocytes were then compared among different vaccinated animals. Results: The lowest number of parasites in spleen, the higher levels of IgG2a after challenge infection, the minimal footpad swelling and high level of IFN-γ secretion, all indicated that adjuvants and antigen-delivery systems are essential in modifying immune responses; as mice received LPD (CpG)-rgp63 induced immune response stronger than the other groups. Conclusions: This study demonstrates that LPD nanoparticle is a promising and adaptable delivery system which could be modified towards specific vaccine targets to induce a more potent immune response in combination with rgp63. © 2017 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.

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Keywords: cell surface protein; DNA; glycoprotein; immunoglobulin G; liposome; polycation; recombinant glycoprotein gp 63; recombinant protein; unclassified drug, animal cell; animal experiment; animal model; animal tissue; Article; Bagg albino mouse; controlled study; drug delivery system; experimental leishmaniasis; female; foot pad; immune response; Leishmania major; mouse; nonhuman; parasite load; particle size; priority journal; promastigote; spleen tissue; T lymphocyte; vaccination
Subjects: WC Communicable Diseases > WC 680-950 Tropical and Parasitic Diseases
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