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Marine microbial L-asparaginase: Biochemistry, molecular approaches and applications in tumor therapy and in food industry

(2018) Marine microbial L-asparaginase: Biochemistry, molecular approaches and applications in tumor therapy and in food industry. Microbiological Research.

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The marine environment is a rich source of biological and chemical diversity. It covers more than 70 of the Earth's surface and features a wide diversity of habitats, often displaying extreme conditions, where marine organisms thrive, offering a vast pool for microorganisms and enzymes. Given the dissimilarity between marine and terrestrial habitats, enzymes and microorganisms, either novel or with different and appealing features as compared to terrestrial counterparts, may be identified and isolated. L-asparaginase (E.C., is among the relevant enzymes that can be obtained from marine sources. This amidohydrolase acts on L-asparagine and produce L-aspartate and ammonia, accordingly it has an acknowledged chemotherapeutic application, namely in acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Moreover, L-asparaginase is also of interest in the food industry as it prevents acrylamide formation. Terrestrial organisms have been largely tapped for L-asparaginases, but most failed to comply with criteria for practical applications, whereas marine sources have only been marginally screened. This work provides an overview on the relevant features of this enzyme and the framework for its application, with a clear emphasis on the use of L-asparaginase from marine sources. The review envisages to highlight the unique properties of marine L-asparaginases that could make them good candidates for medical applications and industries, especially in food safety. © 2018 Elsevier GmbH

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Keywords: Accident prevention; Amino acids; Bacteria; Chemical contamination; Ecosystems; Enzymes; Marine biology; Medical applications; Microorganisms, Acute lymphoblastic leukemia; Biotechnological applications; Extreme conditions; L -asparaginase; Marine bacterium; Molecular approach; Terrestrial habitat; Terrestrial organisms, Marine applications, amino acid; ammonia; bacterium; biochemistry; biotechnology; enzyme activity; food industry; food safety; marine environment; microbial activity; molecular analysis; tumor, Bacteria (microorganisms)
Subjects: QU Biochemistry. Cell Biology and Genetics > QU 100-133 Biochemistry of the Human Body
QW Microbiology and Immunology > QW 1-300 Microbiology
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