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A review of the prevalence of accidents in nomads

(2015) A review of the prevalence of accidents in nomads. Trauma Monthly.

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Introduction: Accidents are the second leading cause of disabilities; a problem that causes physical and psychological disorders, and in more severe cases, death. The risks should be identified to suggest the best way to confront and eliminate them. Therefore, this study reviews the prevalence and types of accidents among ethnic nomads. Method Review: The current research is a descriptive cross sectional study that has been carried out on the first half of 2014 in 201 cases. For data collection, a checklist was used and the data were collected. Finally, the data were analyzed with descriptive statistics using SPSS (ver 19). Results: According to the results of this study, of 201 ethnic nomads, 98 were women (48.75%) and 103 were men (51.24%). There were 19 crashes in the places where they lived or when they migrated. The most prevalent incidents were insect bites such as lice and mosquitos and the lowest prevalence was being shot. The results of this study convey a significant relationship among sex, season, migration place, and the rate of incidents. Nevertheless, there was not a significant relationship among tribes, clans, and the rate of incidents. Conclusion: Many incidents are preventable like many diseases and require the development of awareness as to the safety for nomads during migration and settlement. It seems that a nomadic community can reduce damages caused by these events, with plans medical emergencies, and management centers.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Nomads; incidents; migration
Subjects: History of Medicine. Medical Miscellany > WZ 305-350 Miscellany Relating to Medicine
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