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Severe diarrhea due to Isospora belli infection in a HTLV1 woman

(2012) Severe diarrhea due to Isospora belli infection in a HTLV1 woman. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES.

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Background: Isospora belli is an opportunistic obligate intracellular protozoan cause diarrhea in immunocompromised patients. Isosporiasis usually described in HIV/AIDS patients and watery diarrhea due to I. belli has also been reported in other immunodeficiency states. The Human T-lymphotropic Virus Type I (HTLV-1) is a human RNA retrovirus that is known to cause as adult T-cell leukemia. This virus is endemic in Mashhad, Northeast of Iran. This report describes the first watery diarrhea due to isosporiasis in a HTLV1 woman patient in Mashhad who presented with periodic diarrhea. Methods: A 46-year-old woman who infected congenitally to HTLV1 was admitted to a hospital in Mashhad. She had acute gastroenteritis and history of six month watery persistent diarrhea that increased gradually for every 45 minutes and also have another gastrointestinal symptom. Laboratory examination revealed aWBC count 2900/millimeter. Other findings: PMN:58, LYM:35, EOS:2, MON:5, HCT:33, CRP: Neg, ESR:3. Results: Numerous oocysts of I. belli were detected in direct smear preparation of the diarrheic stool sample of the patient. After DNA extraction and purification confirmed by PCR with ITS2 gene and sequenced. Diarrhea has been successfully treated after administration of TMP-SMX in two weeks and was followed up. However, she died after 1 year of treatment because of malabsorption syndrome. Conclusion: Mashhad city is an endemic area for HTLV1 in Iran and new cases report annually in there. As regards to opportunistic of Isosporiais in immoudeficincy patients, we must much attention to diarrheic patients. Accurate diagnosis can help to prompt treatment in these patients

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Severe diarrhea due to Isospora belli infection in a HTLV1 woman
Subjects: WP Gynecology and Obstetrics > WP 650-660 Therapy
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