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Teacher Creativity in University Students' Views: A Content Analysis

(2016) Teacher Creativity in University Students' Views: A Content Analysis. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Allied Sciences,.


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INTRODUCTION Education plays a pivotal role in today’s world. It is clear that many factors including the learner’s background, teacher’s qualities and the learning environment affect the process of education. A teacher/instructor/lecturer has an important role in conveying and illustrating the material as well as in discovering the talented people and helping them to mature (1-6). It may be the case that one of the most important duties of teachers is to educate people in acquiring special talents and skills such as creativity. In 1959, Guilford defined creativity as a basic mental activity and ability which can be used for doing a new activity. Creativity is a basic ability and a necessary skill which is used for delineating the prospect of success and is the focal point in learning (7). Creativity is a person’s ability in effectively responding to the continuous change in the current changing world of challenges. It is a powerful tool for solving the problems, improving critical thinking and comprehension skills, teaching divergent thinking and improving the learning quality (8-14). Creativity is kind of skill which is taught by creative teachers (8, 9, 16, 17). Creative teaching is a part and parcel of a teacher’s personality and is manifested in his/her daily behavior (18)...

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