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Extent of Injury of Gastrointestinal tract due to accidental ingestion of chemicals among children at Bandar Abbass Children Hospital 2009-2011

(2012) Extent of Injury of Gastrointestinal tract due to accidental ingestion of chemicals among children at Bandar Abbass Children Hospital 2009-2011. Life Science Journal.

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Accidental Ingestion of burning material could lead to serious injury in different part of the gastrointestinal tract, mostly esophagus as it has the most contact with the swallowed material. The best diagnostic method is Endoscopy and Esophagoscopy. This study intended to assess the severity and extent of burning, its chronic complications and recommend appropriate preventive method of such catastrophe, occurring mostly in children 1-16 years of age. This cross-sectional study was carried out between March 2009 and February 2011, in which 78 cases of children who had accidentally ingested burning material and undergone therapy were under research. The type of ingestion material, the extent of esophagus injury, number of chest and abdomen radiographies, extent of exposure to X-ray, the applied therapeutic method and the long term complications were recorded and then assessed. 37.2% of the 78 children were girls, 62.8% boys 71.8% urban, 28.2% rural. 47 cases of children were poisoned with stronger materials and 29% with higher ones. Clinical signs included vomiting, oral irritation, bloody discharge, abdominal pain, coughing, loss of consciousness and respiratory distress respectively. 45% of the cases had normal degree of burning, 20% G1 burning, 12.5% G2a burning, ½% G2b burning, 6.2% G3a and 7.5% G3a burning. 11 children undergone surgery, 7 were diagnosed with esophagostenosis in a year follow-up and the extent of exposure to X-ray for each chest and abdomen graphy was 1/. This study concluded that accidental ingestion of chemical detergent by children lead to esophagus injury with different degree and extents. The complications are not limited to a period of time and might be life-long. Preventing would be a comprehensive solution in this regard which can be emphasized by ministry of health, media, manufacturers and sellers of chemical detergents be supplied in secure and tightly-capped containers with advise tags for families. Comical material must be sold in specific shop under supervision and limitation for stronger detergents

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Endoscopy, Esophagoscopy, Burning material, Accidental ingestion, Esophagostenosis, X-ray
Subjects: WA Public Health > WA 250-295 Accident and Injury Prevention. Disasters
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Fertility and Infertility Research Center
Depositing User: مركز تحقيقات بهداشت باروري و ناباروري

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