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Job stress, causes and treatment of job stress among teachers and nurses: A review

(2016) Job stress, causes and treatment of job stress among teachers and nurses: A review. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.


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Job stress is one of the varieties of daily stresses. According to the definition presented by The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), job stress is "any harmful physical and emotional response that occurs when the requirements of the job do not match the capabilities of the worker". Teaching and nursing are two of the most stressful jobs. Some of the causes of stress among teachers are the atmosphere of the school, huge amount of work, students' misbehavior, time pressure and the poor conditions in schools. Some of the causes of stress among nurses are high workload, facing patients die, sleep disorders, long working hours, numerous night shifts, high risk of the job, visitors making lots of noise and etc. In this study, the key words of stress, job stress, poor job conditions, job burnout, teacher, nurse, anxiety and treatment which are searched, studied and analyzed in published papers in reliable scientific-research journals in recent years, as well as reliable scientific websites are used for data collection. Statistics show that stress and its side effects result in waste of a hundred of work days each year and in average, one million individuals per day refrain from going to work due to the disorders and illnesses resulted from going to the workplace. Therefore, a plan should be made. Some of treatments of stress are controlling job elements, reducing workload, reducing work teams and inoculation training.

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Keywords: absenteeism; anxiety; burnout; causal attribution; cognitive therapy; human; job performance; job stress; night work; nurse; occupational hazard; Review; sex difference; sleep disorder; student attitude; teacher; work environment; working time; workload; workplace
Subjects: History of Medicine. Medical Miscellany > WZ 305-350 Miscellany Relating to Medicine
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