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A review on depression and its types

(2016) A review on depression and its types. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences.

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Consultation is of great importance for psychological issues and problems such as depression, which is quite common in today's world. Although, modern man has overcome nature's issues and problems and unraveled the secrets of the universe, he has faced difficulties in regard to mental and psychological problems. Industry and technology has also not been able to help in this regard. One of the problems of today's world is depression. Depression as an emotional problem is among mental illnesses in today's world, which entails feelings of guilt, hopelessness, fear and worthlessness. Depression is considered in two levels of severe and mild, which is most likely caused by inheritance, stress, inappropriate thoughts and the environment. For the purpose of treatment, symptoms should be identified, and consulting techniques should be adopted. Investigation and identification of depression, its causes and treatment are briefly discussed in this paper. Depression is not a limited illness, but it appears in all ages and races, women and men. Depression is not a simple illness, but it has various types, in a way that we generally can't identify it as depression when it appears in some people. Depression usually reappears after treatment. Depression entails various issues. Apart from medical issues and sadness which are very common, the depressed person feels that he is being discriminated in activities, rejected socially and hated by his family. The seclusion caused by depression, sometimes will lead the treatable patients to death. Depression which is usually called: Clinical depression, mood disorder or emotional disorder, causes thought and emotional disorientation, behavioral fluctuation and physical illnesses. From the viewpoint of social interaction, depression is more crippling than other chronic diseases. Major depression (major depressive disorder) is more crippling than chronic lung disease, joint inflammation and diabetes. Depression is a syndrome, which means it is a combination of different symptoms.

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Keywords: hormone; neurotransmitter; serotonin, adverse outcome; anxiety; Article; behavior therapy; bipolar depression; causal attribution; clinical feature; depression; depressive psychosis; disease classification; disease predisposition; dysthymia; electroconvulsive therapy; genetic association; heredity; human; insomnia; life event; major depression; medication therapy management; mental stress; milieu therapy; personality; psychotherapy; puerperal depression; seasonal affective disorder; social psychology; symptom; thinking
Subjects: WM Psychiatry > WM 140-197 Mental Disorders. Behavioral Symptoms
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Student Research Committee
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