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Role of smoking in lung cancer in United States

(2016) Role of smoking in lung cancer in United States. Iranian Journal of Public Health.

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Lung cancer considered the most cause of cancer death in both gender in the United States (1). In 2012, it is estimated globally occurred 1.8 million new cases and 1.6 million deaths from lung can-cer (2). Mortality, rate of lung cancer is more than colorectal, breast and prostate cancers altogether (3). In 2015, estimated that approximately oc-curred the number of 221,000 new cases and 158,000 die from lung cancer in America, ap-proximately, 13% of all new cancer cases and 27% of all cancer deaths in this country attribute to this cancer respectively (3). The average num-ber of deaths from lung cancer has increased by 3.5% per year between the yr of 1999 to 2012 (4). The number of deaths from lung cancer among men has reached a stable status but among wom-en, this trend is still rising. Thus, more than 400,000 have been diagnosed with lung cancer in America (5). Lung cancer is mostly affect old peoples; in 2011, 82% of lung cancer cases had 60 yr of age or older (2). Lung cancer incidence rate has fallen 28% in recent years for males, by contrast, during the same years it has 98% in-creased for females (Fig. 1) (2). Lung cancer has a 17.8% five-yr survival rate that is lower than many of other cancer types (2). Ac-tive smoking is a major risk factor for lung can-cer, 80%–90% of lung cancers are attributed to cigarette smoking, and environmental exposure is responsible for a small percentage of lung cancer cases (Fig. 2) (1). Compared to never smokers, male Smokers and female smokers are 23 times and 13 time more susceptible to getting lung can-cer respectively (1). More than 30% of cancer deaths in the US caused by smoking, therefore, one of the most effective ways to reduce of de-veloping cancer in societies is to eliminate tobac-co use (3). Therefore, the plan for the control and prevention of smoking must be a high priori-ty for health policy makers among countries.

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