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Psychomotor Effects of Mixed Organic Solvents on Rubber orkers

(2014) Psychomotor Effects of Mixed Organic Solvents on Rubber orkers. IJOEM,.


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Background: Exposure to organic solvents is common among workers. Objective: To assess neurobehavioral effects of long-term exposure to organic solvents among rubber workers in Tehran, Iran. Methods: Across-sectional study was conducted on 223 employees of a rubber industry. The participants completed a data collection sheet on their occupational and medical history, and demographic characteristics including age, work experience, education level; they performed 6 psychiatric tests on the neurobehavioral core test battery (NCTB) that measure simple reaction time, short-term memory (digit span, Benton), eye-hand coordination (Purdue pegboard, pursuit aiming), and perceptual speed (digit symbol). Results: Workers exposed and not exposed to organic solvents had similar age and education distribution. The mean work experience of the exposed and non-exposed workers was 5.9 and 4.4 years, respectively. The exposed workers had a lower performance compared to non-exposed workers in all psychomotor tests. After controlling for the confounders by logistic regression analysis, it was found that exposure to organic solvents had a significant effect on the results of digit symbols, digit span, Benton, aiming, and simple reaction time tests. No significant effect was observed in pegboard test. Conclusion: Occupational exposure to organic solvent can induce subtle neurobehavioral changes among workers exposed to organic solvents; therefore, periodical evaluation of the central nervous system by objective psychomotor tests is recommended among those who are chronically exposed to organic solvents.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Benzene; Toluene; Gasoline; Occupational exposure; Rubber; Neuropsychol
Subjects: WA Public Health > WA 300-395 Health Issues of Special Population Groups
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Social Determinants in Health Promotion Research Center
Depositing User: مركز تحقيقات عوامل اجتماعی درارتقا سلامت خليج فارس

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