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The effect of educational intervention based on BASNEF model on the students' oral health

(2016) The effect of educational intervention based on BASNEF model on the students' oral health. Journal of Research & Health.


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Preventive healthcare considerations have always been prioritized over treatment. With this regard, one of the most influential approaches is investment in and attention to healthcare instructions and awareness-raising in schools. Poor oral health can pose destructive effects on students’ achievement both in school and life. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the interventional effect of a BASNEF model-based instruction on preventing and controlling oral health-related problems among male junior high school students. In this semi-experimental research, 80 students were selected and randomly divided into two groups of 40 (a control and an experimental group). The data gathering instrument was a questionnaire developed based on BASNEF model. The instructional intervention was conducted in 6 sessions. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS version 19, independent t-test, paired t-test, Wilcoxon along with descriptive tests (mean, standard deviation, frequency and percentage). Research findings revealed a significant divergence between the mean awareness scores and the underlying constructs of BASNEF model in the control and experimental groups (p<.001). According to the findings, instructional interventions based on BASNEF model which follow an appropriate and harmonized structure can not only raise students’ awareness and attitude but can also produce healthy behaviors among them.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: healthcare behaviors, students, BASNEF model
Subjects: WA Public Health > WA 108-245 Preventive Medicine
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Social Determinants in Health Promotion Research Center
Depositing User: مركز تحقيقات عوامل اجتماعی درارتقا سلامت خليج فارس

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