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The Impact of Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Training Program on Job Stress in Hospital Nurses: Applying PRECEDE

(2011) The Impact of Cognitive-Behavioral Stress Management Training Program on Job Stress in Hospital Nurses: Applying PRECEDE. Journal of Research in Hea lth Sciences.


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ABSTRACT Article history: Receive d: 10 June 2011 Revised: 28 Sep tem b er 201 1 Accepted : 30 October 2011 Available onlin e : 4 Nove m b e r 2011 Background: Nursing is one of the most stressful jobs. T he prese nt study aim e d to determine the effect of a cognitiv e-behavioral stress m a nagement training program based on PRECEDE model on stress reduction among nurses. Methods : In this quasi-e x p e rimental study, w hich w as conducted i n 2 010, 5 8 female nurses in H amadan, n orth west Iran w ere enrolled i n the stu d y and w e r e divided into t wo equal gro u p s inclu d e d 29 nurses from one Hospital and 2 9 nurses from the oth er as intervention and control groups r espectiv e l y. The d a t a collection tool w as a self-administered questionnaire inc lud ing d emographic characteristics and nursing stress scale (NSS). In addition, a questionnaire based on PRECEDE model w as used in ord er to assess pre disp o sing, rei nforci ng an d enabli n g factors. The interve n tion w as a tra inin g program i nclu ding fiv e s essio ns during three weeks i n w hich r elaxation and problem-so lvin g train i n g w as thought. A pre-test and a post-test w ere performed 1.5 months apart. The t-test, Man n W hitney and Willxocon stati stical tests w e r e used for d ata analysis at 9 5 % sig nificant level using SPSS 13. Results: The baseline scor e a verage of job s tress w as 113.0 and 109.8 for inter - vention and c ontrol groups respective l y (P=0.250). After i ntervention, score average of job stress decreased to 94.0 in experimental group while that of control group remai n e d relativ e l y u n changed (109. 2 ), ( P < 0.001). A significant difference w as found in P RECEDE mo d el constructs and stress management behaviors i n interve ntion g roup c ompare d to control group after training interv e ntions ( P < 0.001). Conclus ion: T raining progra ms based on PRECEDE model mig ht b e effective on decreasing job stress in nurses

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Nursing stress PRECEDE model Stress management
Persian Keywords: Nurs ing s tress PRECEDE model Stress management
Subjects: WA Public Health > WA 108-245 Preventive Medicine
Medical Eucation
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Social Determinants in Health Promotion Research Center
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