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(2017) A BROWSE OVER CURRENT AUDIO VISUAL TRANSLATION PROBLEMS ACCORDING TO AUDIENCE. International Journal of Language Learning and Applied Linguistics World.


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Dubbing, as a form of Audio visual translation, has gained a global reputation. Just like any type of translation that is constrained by specific limitations, dubbing is also confined by restrictions such as synchronization which sheds light on the length of the utterance, the lip movements and the gestures used by the actors. Besides synchronization, culture- specific terms and expressions, sentence structure of the target language which has to be taken care of and the target audience regarding their comprehension of the translated message based on their level of literacy or age are all significant aspects of audio visual translation. This study intended to evaluate the awareness of audience about such problems. In this regard two groups of bilinguals participated in this study. Thirty senior translation students from Shiraz Azad University constituted group A and thirty Advanced English language learners participated in group B. The participants were proficient in both Persian and English and could judge the translations based on the differences between the two cultures and languages. After having watched a 20-minute clip of the recently translated material, they filled out a questionnaire containing eight items about the problems they noticed when they compared the original and translated materials. The data was analyzed using SPSS program version 20 which indicated high awareness of the audience. This is concluded that more training courses and programs are warranted for audio visual translators, especially once the audience is aware of the problems.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Audio Visual Translation, Translation Problems, Translator Training, Audience.
Subjects: general
Divisions: Education Vice-Chancellor Department > Faculty of Medicine > Department of Basic Science > Department of language
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