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Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Modified Sesame Husk

(2016) Removal of Cd(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions onto Modified Sesame Husk. Nature Environment and Pollution Technology.

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One of the important sources of environmental pollution is heavy metals of industrial wastewater which are harmful for human health and environment. Therefore, the purpose of this research was to investigate the removal of Cd from aquatic solution by tartaric acid modified sesame husk. This research was an applied and experimental type. The effects of pH, initial adsorbent concentration, initial metal ion concentration and contact time were studied in batch experiments. The result showed that the Cd removal efficiency increased by increase in adsorbent dosage, pH (up to 5) and contact time and decrease in Cd concentration. In optimum condition, modified sesame husk removed 99% of Cd from aqueous solutions. The equilibrium data were best fitted on Freundlich isotherm and the adsorption kinetic model followed a pseudo-second model. ANOVA showed that there was a significant difference between variables and Cd removal. According to the results obtained, modified sesame husk appears to be suitable, low cost and efficient adsorbent for removing Cd from aqueous solutions.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Sesame husk Wastewater Cadmium Adsorption isotherm
Subjects: environmental health
Divisions: Education Vice-Chancellor Department > Faculty of Health > Department of Environmental Health Engineering
Depositing User: مرکز تحقیقات غدد و متابولیسم

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