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Dysregulated expression of Dicer in invasive ductal breast carcinoma

(2015) Dysregulated expression of Dicer in invasive ductal breast carcinoma. Med Oncol.

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Abstract Several lines of evidence suggest that the global down-regulation of the microRNAome (miRNAome) involved in pathogenesis of various malignancies. Impaired microRNAs processing pathway is one possible mechanism for global down-regulation of the miRNAome. Dicer is a key enzyme in miRNA processing pathway, and dysregulation of its expression has been suggested as a possible cause of miRNAome alterations observed in various cancers. However, Dicer mRNA expression in invasive ductal breast carcinoma (IDC) has not been investigated in depth. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the mRNA expression of Dicer in IDC and also to assess the correlation of its expression with clinicopathological parameters including age, histological grade, tumor size and lymph node metastasis. We investigated the expression of the Dicer in seventy fresh invasive ductal breast carcinomas and matched adjacent non-neoplastic tissue by quantitative real-time PCR using validated reference genes. In addition, the possible impact of clinicopathological characteristics on Dicer expression levels was analyzed. Our results showed that Dicer mRNA expression is down-regulated in slightly more than half (51.43 %) of the tumor specimens when compared to adjacent non-neoplastic tissue. Comparison of the Dicer expression level between tumor and matched adjacent nonneoplastic tissue showed that there is no statistical significant differences between them (P = 0.425). We also found that Dicer mRNA expression in IDC samples was not correlated with clinicopathological features. In conclusion, our findings provide additional evidence to support the hypothesis that Dicer expression down-regulated in breast cancer. This study suggested that the decreased expression of Dicer may be potential underlying mechanism in pathogenesis of IDC.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: MiRNA � MiRNA processing machinery � Dicer � Invasive ductal breast carcinoma
Subjects: genetic
Divisions: Research Vice-Chancellor Department > Molecular Medicine Research Center
Depositing User: مرکز تحقیقات پزشکی مولکولی

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